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A Top-Ten PTS: Sing My Way Through

A few posts ago, I shared an WSJ article about Personal Theme Songs (PTS). I have many; they change according to the season or situation in which I am living. When I created my blogsite - Perils & Pearls - I knew music and its vital role in my journey had to occupy significant space.

This song, Sing My Way Through, by Hope Darst, was an easy choice for the title of my Music Page because in four words it sums up the power of a meaningful musical piece to keep me focused on 'the prize,' enlarge my view of God, and return my fretful thoughts to contemplations of gratitude and trust.

Have you ever felt agitated by a repeating refrain during the worship portion of a church service? How many times are we going to sing this chorus?! I have found myself there on occasion. And I have talked to people who do not appreciate how many contemporary worship songs, as well as classic old hymns, have a refrain that is sung over and over again. Instead of feeling led into a state of worship, they struggle with the annoyance of the repetition. I get that.

But what I have realized about myself is how cluttered my mind is when I am just attempting to make space to focus on God. I have come to the conclusion that I need the repetition to assist me in clearing my head so I can engage in the worship. There is a recent song, sung by Phil Wickham and Chandler Moore (from Maverick City Music), called Worthy of My Song, that begins with these lyrics:

I'm gonna sing 'til my heart starts changing; Oh, I'm gonna worship 'til I mean every word.

Yeah, that says it for me! I've gotta sing it however many times until I am fully engaged - until my mind is empty of outside distractions and I am able to focus on my purpose for being there: to give God my undivided attention and adoration. Hmm...Maybe the songwriters know this; maybe the worship leaders understand this? Ha...

This title song, Sing My Way Through, is a great example of how each repetition of a simple theme can pull me further away from my mind muddle and into a meditation on how and why I can trust Him to bring me through whatever I am facing. Singing it is an declaration of my faith, even when my senses and emotions are not aligned with this trusting perspective.

You've worked it all out, Jesus I'm putting my trust in You You won't go back on Your word
I will sing my way through, all the way to Everything You've said I will sing my way through, all the way to All Your promises I will sing my way through, all the way to Everything You've said I will sing my way through... I will sing my way through, all the way to Everything You've said... I will sing my way through
Oh, I will sing, yes, I will sing All Your promise, on my lips, Jesus Forever, I will sing.

I'm wondering if you have had a similar struggle...

What is your experience during the worship portion of a church service?

How do your clear your head to make space to think about God and His presence in your life?

Is entering into worship easier for you when you are at home or in your car with inspirational music playing?

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Blessed to play a part ~


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