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The Enneagram Personality Model

The Enneagram model, or typology, consists of nine distinct personality types, each representing a unique way of looking at yourself, others, and the world around you. In other words, it represents the nine different ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. Discovering your dominant type can contribute much to your understanding of who you are – and where you are. It is not just the list of behavior traits that match yours, but what drives those behaviors. That emphasis on motivations is what distinguishes the Enneagram from other personality models.

As a seasoned Life Coach, Geri has discovered through over fifteen years of working with strength assessments, such as The Call, Myers-Briggs TI, Disc, Strength Finders, that all assessment tools have this in common: they are ways of discovering, defining, and representing our individual uniqueness.

The distinction with the Enneagram is its focus on the motivations behind (what drives) behaviors, instead of the behaviors themselves. Geri believes there is a great opportunity for personal development using this model as a tool of transformative change, because engaging with your type will take you to what’s truly underneath how you see yourself, as well as how you present yourself to the world.

This increase in self-awareness can lead to more authenticity, within and without, which in turn, can improve your relationships; and increase your freedom to live out of your strengths and share your unique gifts with the world.

Enneagram Typing Interviews

Geri’s offering for those who desire to step into the exploration of their Enneagram dominant type is the Enneagram Typing Interview (ETI). The Typing Interview is a private, live (via Zoom), coach-to-client version of what an online survey or questionnaire would be, but with the significant benefit of having an experienced, Enneagram-trained coach.

Using an extensive series of questions to help clients narrow the scope of which Enneagram type(s) resonate(s) most with them, a live ETI with a Certified Enneagram Practitioner can provide a much more personalized and thorough experience than a standardized, computerized survey. The interview takes 55-60 minutes. 

As an added benefit, Geri can do a second 1-hour Zoom call with clients, after they have completed an online survey re: Enneagram Subtypes. This extra ‘layer’ of the Enneagram model adds significant practical application for clients to experience real benefits in their daily lives and relationships from their increased understanding of their wiring and the differences between theirs and the others’ in their lives.


In fact, research has shown that within relationships of all kinds, differences in subtypes can be more impactful than differences in dominant types.


The Enneagram has been a significant tool of God’s transformation in Geri’s life for a number of years. Because of her ongoing experience of using this framework for personal growth, as well as her training as an Enneagram Practitioner, she is confident in encouraging others to take a step into the Enneagram exploration of self-discovery that will impact the whole of your life and relationships.


Please contact Geri with any questions re: Enneagram Typing Interview offerings.

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