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The First Broadcast Coach You’ll Meet

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Hi, I’m so glad you dropped by! I’m pretty excited over here…I have joyful expectancy as I step out into what I believe is my most current expression of offering what I have to give. I am a seasoned Life Coach who believes in the importance of our stories, which when taken together create a moving story - or a journey. And each of us travels our own one-of-a-kind journey that is meant to be witnessed and shared, because we were created for community, for relationships (and laughter, like between the 2 women in the image!)

In introducing myself to you, may I share my heart re: why I chose this platform, what you can expect, and why spend valuable minutes visiting to read what I write?

Let’s start here: My passion is to help others find and live out of theirs. Encouraging others in their journeys is the thing I can’t not do! I can get my basic current credentials covered in a few bullet points:

· Professional Life Coach (since 2005)

· LifePlan Facilitator

· Keynote & Retreat Speaker

· Certified Enneagram Practitioner

· Qualified Coach for MBTI

· Blogger @ Perils & Pearls

· Hidden Treasure Coaching & Consulting, Cofounder

Essentially, I am launching this blog to share my journey and accompany you on yours. I came up with the term 'broadcast coaching' to describe what this format can perhaps offer: life coaching an audience, where more lives can be touched and encouraged. (My secret desire has been to have a call-in show to demonstrate life coaching ‘from the hip’- or laser coaching - as callers present a roadblock they are dealing with re: forward movement in their journeys. Wow, did I write that out loud?!)

In landing on this platform to 'broadcast coach,' I am also coaching myself. Ya see, when I work with women who have reached the ‘master stage’ of life, I coach them to consider this question: What do I want my legacy to be? In other words, what can I distill from my journey to this point and pass on to enrich or encourage others’ journeys? I’m endeavoring to practice what I preach.

In terms of what you can expect here, I intend to be authentic about my journey- the perils and the pearls - and earnest in my desire to support yours. But first and foremost, I dedicate this space to whatever God has in mind for both the writer and the readers, knowing full well that His goal is always wholeness, integration, shalom.

A pastor shared this many years ago from the pulpit and it was immediately emblazoned on my heart to fix my lifelong desire upon #3. I pray for that in this endeavor:

There are 3 ways to do life:

1. Your will, your way

2. God’s will, your way

3. God’s will, God’s way

As I put together the components of this blog site, I was so giddy to have the freedom for Full Geri Expression (FGE)! So you will find several portals in the top menu that represent the various channels through which my passion for life gets expressed. (If only I could cook for you too!)

Have some fun exploring Thru gigi’s eyes, Sing my way through, Join me outside & Come inside. And I hope to refresh those pages as the Spirit moves me and time allows. I will also write more on why each of those venues is so special to me.

The final but not least important thing you can expect @ Perils & Pearls is my heart to support you – whatever stage and circumstance of life you are in – to come alongside and reassure you that you are not alone.

In closing, right now – today - may you know deep in your gut, heart, and body that you are His Beloved and He is yours (Song of Solomon 6:3). And you are seen and known (Genesis16:13b and Psalm 139).

I leave you with this question to ponder:

What is the thing you can't not do?

*Feel free to write me with your thoughts and questions on that.

If you would like to follow me on this adventure, and receive notice whenever I post something new, please subscribe. (It’s simple – at the bottom of every page on the Perils & Pearls blog site.)

And if you know people who would benefit from the support, and/or enjoy the short writings, please share the site or a post with them. Heck, just share it on your social media…Let’s grow it together!

Blessed to play a part ~


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